Office Avedon Amsterdam

Office Avedon Amsterdam. Avedon Capital Partners is an independent investment company with offices in Amsterdam and Dusseldorf. The company offers investment support to businesses who wish to realise or increase their international growth potential.

The workplace must exude the enterprising spirit of Avedon and enable different forms of working; the possibility to work in teams, alone in a relaxed and light atmosphere or to be able to hold discussions in both formal and informal settings.

The glass partition walls bring daylight into the central corridor. By introducing a print to the glass partitions varying amounts of transparency create privacy in the adjoining spaces where it is required.

In his book ‘Liber Abaci’ Leonardo van Pisa (also known as Fibonacci) presented a special series of numbers. This series is the basis of the Golden Section and is often the basic order in nature. We have translated the Fibonacci series into a pattern on which the prints are based.

The new elements in the office have been introduced with sustainability in mind. The walls can be re-used and vertical garden walls provide a living ecosystem within the space whose leaves, roots and other micro-organisms improve air quality.

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