Sustainable development.

JoustraReid is committed to developing high quality buildings and products. We do this in our own right through the collaboration with FutureBriks but also under commission for commercial clients. We strive towards an optimal balance between quality, design and sustainability. This balance is tangible at different levels in our projects.

For sustainable developments we seek existing urban locations. New developments require sanitation of the ground and give sites a lasting value. The continuity and densification of a constantly changing urban fabric is a sustainable form of ground use. The surrounding landscape may remain unscathed. An important criteria in our search for new locations is that they be within walking distance of public transport connections and the town or city centre.

Sustainability is often seen in relationship to concerns for the environment. This means well insulated buildings with additional measures to reduce energy consumption. Next to technology, flexibility and comfort are equally important. We try to combine all of these aspects in a total concept. Compact and efficient plans, the application of technology and good insulation can all contribute to low energy consumption.

De Waag

Sustainable Research.

Since 2010 the government agency Agentschap NL has provided a WBSO*subsidy to JoustraReid to support two research projects.

In the Water Storage project we carried out research into groundwater storage and control systems which can be incorporated in new developments to ease flooding problems in surrounding areas. This project was completed at the end of 2010.

The Inhouse Solar project is ongoing and involves the development of a solar cell system which can be installed in apartments where there is no possibility of installation on the exterior. The system is modular and flexible and provides a means of reducing energy consumption, particularly in the case of existing dwellings.

The *WBSO/RO programme is intended to encourage companies in the investigation and development of new technologies. For more information see the website of the government agency Senter Novem / R.O.