New residential building Amstelveenseweg 122

New residential building Amstelveenseweg 122. At the junction of the Amstelveenseweg and the western entrance to the Vondelpark lies a piece of unfinished Amsterdam. The existing urban block will be completed with a new building containing apartments with an average floor area of 70m2.

On the ground floor facing the Vondelpark will be a café. In the basement is parking space for residents in the building and the neighbourhood. The new building has five storeys on the busy Amstelveenseweg and reduces to three storeys on the more intimate Schinkelhavenkade.

The façade on the Amstelveenseweg has a horizontal rhythm which relates to the existing blocks on the Amstelveenseweg. Along the Schinkelhavenstraat this changes to a vertical rhythm which is more in keeping with the surrounding 19th century buildings.

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  • Client: Lingotto
  • Status: Planning and prepatation
  • Period: 2012-heden
  • Contractor: KBK Bouw