New Ice skating clubhouse Baambrugge

New Ice skating clubhouse Baambrugge. The village of Bambrugge is situated between Amsterdam and Utrecht in an agricultural landscape which was reclaimed from the sea in the 13th century.
Our office was commissioned to add forty new dwellings to complete one of the edges of this small rural community. The development was completed in 2010.
The site upon which the new dwellings are being built was formerly the outside skating rink for the one hundred year old Baambrugge Ice Skating Club.
As part of the overall development the local council and a housing association collaborated with the villagers and the ice skating club (which includes virtually all of the inhabitants of the village amongst its members) to create a new ice rink and clubhouse. We were asked to design this building.
Agricultural buildings predominate in this rural landscape. The new clubhouse will be a free standing structure in the land adjoining the village. For this reason we sought to give it a form which has an affinity with the agricultural buildings in the proximity.
The silhouette of the building is much like that of its neighbours.
However, the asymmetric roof form, finely detailed larch cladding and storey-height glazing orientated towards the ice rink reveal upon further inspection that it does not have an agricultural function.
The club was be able to celebrate its one hundred year existence under the completed shell in December 2009.

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