De IJsvogel 44 dwellings Baambrugge

De IJsvogel 44 dwellings Baambrugge. The village of Baambrugge lies on the meandering River Angstel to the south of Abcoude. This agricultural landscape is characterised by the polders which were created in the middle ages.
Baambrugge consists of the original ribbon development along the Angstel, free-standing 17th and 18th century buildings on the outskirts and the central village, formed around the church and village hall. In the 1950’s and 60’s new terraced housing estates were built on the edges of the village.
While the new housing project is an addition to one of these later developments its organisation is based more upon the topography and more open structure of the older village. It is conceived as a new edge to the village; the houses face outwards towards the open landscape.
Views to the landscape from within the estate are emphasised and the original structure of the agricultural plots becomes again tangible by planting trees along their boundaries and continuing these lines into the heart of the new estate.
Sloping roofs placed predominantly perpendicular to the façade express as far as is possible each individual dwelling.
The housing types include semi-detached and terraced houses and apartments. The use of similar form language and materials helps to provide cohesion between the various building types.

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