Life-long housing Reeuwijk

Life-long housing Reeuwijk. The aim of this study was to test the concept ‘Comfort Dwelling’ of developer Timpaan on some actual sites.

The Comfort Dwelling concept caters for the growing demand from home owners for a large, flexible ground floor. To enable this the dwellings are unusually wide, varying from 9 to 12 metres. To ensure the dwellings are affordable the plots can be as little as 14 metres deep. This is far less than the average 20-25 metres and means that the net plot price is equal to or less than that of a narrower dwelling.

The garden is relatively small; by partly wrapping the ground floor plan around a patio-type space it becomes part of the dwelling. There are many options for the positions of the various rooms, allowing combinations of living spaces with one to five bedrooms.

The dwellings can be placed individually or in combination.

SEO: Life-long housing Reeuwijk

  • Client: Timpaan
  • Status: Feasibility study
  • Period: 2010