Research rural housing Kortgene

Research rural housing Kortgene . Kortgene is a village on the island of North Beveland in the province of Zeeland. Although the area is increasingly popular for recreational pursuits it is experiencing a steady reduction in population.

The regional council aims to reverse this trend by encouraging the development of more varied housing stock and living environments. In this context we developed a vision whose ambition is to strengthen and expand the village of Kortgene. Analysis of the existing structure and buildings in the village led to the development of new housing typologies and a series of planning ‘building blocks’. These are combined to create a new but familiar extension to the village.

The housetypes are based on a small number of variants which have a high degree of flexibility. These offer a sustainable, variable housing stock within which starters, families, home workers and the elderly can be accommodated. Incorporated in the heart of the development are a new sheltered housing complex and a health centre.

SEO: Research rural housing Kortgene 

  • Client:Horsthoek Exploitatie bv
  • Status: Research expansion of Kortgene village
  • Period: 2008
  • In collaboration with: Jef Reintjens architecten bv