De Argumentenfabriek remodelling office Amsterdam

De Argumentenfabriek remodelling office Amsterdam. De Argumentenfabriek occupies part of a former hospital in Amsterdam where several other companies are based. The building currently offers commercial space on lease to a range of tenants.

The Argumentenfabriek approximately doubled the amount of space it occupied in the building and required a plan for the renovation of the new space and upgrading of their existing space to create a single coherent office space.

Apart from the communal areas, which are maintained by the owner of the building, many of the spaces in the building have at various times been remodelled and decorated to suit the individual taste of tenants.

Part of our approach was to reinstate the original spatial qualities of the building while providing a stimulating environment for our client. The renovation and expansion was carried out in close collaboration with the owner of the building. Our aim is that this approach of reinstatement can be adopted whenever other parts of the building become available for new tenancies.

The Argumentenfabriek is an independent company which helps organizations to come to grips with complex problems by facilitating thinking processes and visualizing information. The process of gaining and presenting this information is unique to the Argumentenfabriek and enables clients to understand the relevant issues surrounding their problem and in turn to make better decisions.

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