Renovation monument Gunterstein Estate Breukelen

Renovation monument Gunterstein Estate Breukelen. The oldest mention of the Gunterstein estate dates from May 5th 1386. In 1511 the old house was demolished by invaders from Utrecht who removed the stone to strengthen the city walls. The total area of the estate is currently 34 hectares.

Towards the end of the 18th century the estate was redesigned in the fashionable landscape style. This was completed in 1849 by A.J. Lunteren with the removal of timber forests to make way for expanses of grass and vistas. The 20th century saw a return to the cultivation of timber for revenue. In 1952 the Ridderhofstad Gunterstein Foundation was set up to save and maintain the estate in the spirit of the 17th century owners Poulle.

The hunting lodge is part of the Gunterstein estate and is a grade 1 listed monument. Along with a new outbuilding the substantially renovated existing building forms an ensemble around the large sequoia. The use of materials and colour is based on the traditions of the area; the new additions add a clear new layer to the history of the house.

The originally whitewashed brickwork and tiled roof with decorative supports have been restored. A number of windows have been enlarged or created in a contemporary language to increase daylight and views to the surrounding landscape.

Openings in the internal walls have increased the transparency and flexibility of the ground floor. The former division between dwelling and coach house has been left subtly intact by maintaining a height difference of one tread between the two spaces. The exposed beamed ceiling and monumental fireplace have been reinstated.

The outhouse serves as both garage and guesthouse. It has a garden room which can be opened up entirely to the garden. The garden makes use of traditional tree and bush types for the area and is intended to link the ensemble to the surrounding landscape.

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  • Client: private
  • Status: completed
  • Period: 2010-2012
  • Contractor: van Schaik Breukelen
  • Photographer: <a href="http://AllardvanderHoek
  • .eu/" target="_blank">Allard van der Hoek