Selfbuild dream Knooperf Achterveldse Eng

Selfbuild dream Knooperf Achterveldse Eng. The location lies on the Hessenweg in Achterveld, in Leusden. The title ‘Knooperf’ refers to the new status which this former agricultural  site is to gain by transforming it into a new residential location which maintains close links to the surrounding community and landscape. This project is part of an initiative by the regional government aimed at transforming the many former farm sites in the area.

The location was offered via a public tender for groups who wished to develop and occupy the site. We initiated a bid, forming a group of residents and developing a costed proposal tailored to their requirements.

The proposal consisted of placing two robust volumes around a yard – echoing  the farmyard type. In the buildings a series of house types are accommodated. Around the volumes are private and communal spaces. Recreational routes from the surrounding landscape pass through the site. A public teahouse in the new courtyard provides refreshment to ramblers and residents alike.

Knooperf is een initiatief van Gebiedscoördinatie O-gen

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