Primary school in Den Bosch

Primary school in Den Bosch. The Boschveld neighbourhood in Den Bosch is characterised by post war urban planning and has many unclear boundaries.

The building is anchored in its setting by a north-south route which connects an existing sport hall with a tree-lined square. The new school lies between this route and the existing school building and forms an additional layer in a series of layers which are crossed as thresholds: the tree-lined square, the pergola, the route, the new classrooms, the internal street, the courtyard, the old classrooms.

The transition between the old and new buildings is formed by an internal central square, the auditorium. There are four entrances – one for each of the four school groups within the complex – four houses under one roof. Each house has its own garden and facilities.

SEO: Primary school in Den Bosch.

  • Client: Hevo Bouwmanagement
  • Status: completed
  • Building costs: € 2.204.155,-
  • Period: 1999-2001
  • In collaboration with:
  • Sturm