Living on Water Groot Mijdrecht Noord

Living on Water Groot Mijdrecht. The ground level in this ancient polder is gradually sinking, while the water level is rising. This is due to the gradual compacting of the peaty ground and the increasing pressure of the great volume of water in the adjoining Vinkenveense Lake.

The assumption in this study commission is that the polder will be allowed to fill with water, creating a new recreational water landscape. Within this new condition we propose a variety of water-related dwelling types, each having a varying relationship with the new lake and its edges:

  1. Anchor: bank-bound dwelling

The existing dyke is widened to create e new level lakeside zone. Here existing inhabitants, often small family companies, are encouraged to settle in large estate-type developments. Here it is possible to introduce movable floating recreational facilities next to the lakeside estate.

  1. Pontoon: landing-bound dwelling

Clay is removed from the centre of the lake and used to transform the western banks. Here new landing platforms lead to a series of single family dwellings which float in the lake during high water and come to rest on raised islands during low water.

3.Float: drifting dwelling

These free floating huts can be reached at high water by rowing boat and at low water via the muddy banks. They are used as nature spotting and holiday huts.