Apartment building Van Ostadestraat 61-79 Amsterdam

Apartment building Van Ostadestraat 61-79 Amsterdam. This project is one of two urban renewal projects in the Pijp area of Amsterdam.
In this apartment building there are 24 dwellings and parking for 27 cars. The apartments are ‘WIBO’ apartments, a form of sheltered rented accommodation for elderly residents.
The requirements of WIBO housing lead to a number of specific spatial relationships within the house plan and also to the provision of two communal spaces: a garden on the deck of the half-sunken garage and a communal space adjacent to the main entrance.
All of the apartments are accessed from the rear elevation; the ground floor apartments via the garden and the upper apartments via a gallery. Around the front doors to the apartments the gallery is widened to provide rest areas.
The 44 metre long front façade is divided into five sections which have varying heights, plinths and gutter levels. Their rhythm refers to the manner in which these elements occur in the existing street façade. Windows are placed at varying depths relative to the façade. This introduces an additional layer to the rhythm.

Commissioned by <a href=”http://www.de-alliantie.nl/home/”target=”_blank”>De Alliantie</a>

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  • Client: De Alliantie
  • Status: completed
  • Building costs: € 4.146.000,-
  • Period: 2005-2008
  • Contractor: Ursem Bouwgroep bv
  • Photographer: Allard van der Hoek