Living in a monument Mariastichting Haarlem

Living in a monument Mariastichting Haarlem. The ‘Mariastichting’ was formerly a large hospital in Haarlem. Most of the hospital buildings were demolished in 2005 to make way for a new urban plan. The main building of the hospital complex dates from 1899 and as a listed monument was incorporated into the new plan. De Waag Property Development, a collaboration between JoustraReid architects and NPK Design of Leiden, acquired one of the living units in this building and developed it as a pilot project in which we explored how one can create an energy neutral dwelling in a monumental building.

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  • Client: De Waag Property Development and private client
  • Status: completed
  • Building costs: € 50.000,- and € 150.000,- respectively
  • Period: 2009-2010
  • Contractor: De Waag Property Development*
  • *De Waag research & development is an initiative of JoustraReid architects and is continued under FutureBriks bv.