Villa Aerdenhout

Villa Aerdenhout. The villa lies on the Spiegelenburghlaan in Aerdenhout. A characteristic of this 1930’s neighbourhood are the long, curving streets lined by hedges and mature trees. The houses, many of them villas, are richly detailed in brickwork with slate, tiled and thatched roofs and finely detailed windows.

The new villa interprets this existing palette of materials in a contemporary manner in order to harmonise with its surroundings. The aim is to address the history of the area without historicising: traditional and new building methods are combined, the principal aim being to detail in such a way that in the long term the materials attain a patina.

The house consists of two principal volumes; roof and plinth. A masonry basement reaches out into the garden, providing a raised terrace above. The roof appears to float above the garden and part of the basement. This effect is attained by enclosing the entire ground floor in glued glazing.

The roof volume is supported on curved laminated timber trusses which reach up from the basement level. The thatched roof form curves up over the plinth from ground floor to terrace level, providing  constantly changing glazing heights in the spaces within. The living areas and staircase are open plan and allow one at several points to see the trusses rising from basement to roof level.

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