Renovation monument Keizersgracht 414 Amsterdam

Renovation monument Keizersgracht 414 Amsterdam. Keizersgracht 414 is a listed monument dating from the 17th century. In a process lasting six years the house was substantially renovated and restored. The present form of the house reflects a historical development similar to that of many canal houses in Amsterdam – a large front house facing the canal and a smaller back house adjoining the inner block, both linked across a central lightwell.

In addition to its own original historical value the house contains valuable relics and installations which were added in the 18th and 19th centuries. These include painted ceiling panels, historical parquet floor and panelling sections and a carved stone fireplace. Due to a series of unfortunate alterations in the second half of the 20th century the house had lost some of its original scale and atmosphere.

The aim of the new restoration and alterations was to reinstate the original qualities of the house while creating a comfortable family environment for the new owners. The interior design and styling were carried out in collaboration with Harmen Witte Interiors.

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