Park Brederode Bloemendaal

Park Brederode Bloemendaal. Duinzicht is one of four parts of a newly defined park, Park Brederode. This park already exists as a disused district hospital and grounds. The park was once a country estate and at various times has undergone substantial landscaping, principally in the 18th and 19th centuries with the creation of two park areas by the landscape architects Zocher and Springer. The original estate house has had various additions during the last century due to the growth of the hospital. Likewise, the grounds have been covered by a series of hospital outbuildings.
The park lies on the boundary between the 1930’s suburbs of Bloemendaal and the Kennemer dunes, part of the 60km line of preserved dunes on the west coast of the Netherlands.
The site is reinterpreted as an inhabited park by DS Landscape Architects. Underpinning the new park design is the re-establishment of the dune landscape and the earlier, disappearing park designs of Zocher and Springer. The original courtyard building on the site of the Estate House will be returned to its original form and be converted into new dwellings. On the fringes of the park are three areas where dwellings are placed within this landscape.
Duinzicht is in the heart of the former Springer park, which is characterised by a network of flowing, serpentine paths. These form the basis for the new layout.
The dwellings are divided into two horizontal layers; the ground layer is modulated and reacts to orientation, views and the constantly changing plot forms. The remaining building form is predominantly sculptured roof form.

  • Client: CV. Brederode
  • Status: urban development plan
  • Period: 2004-2006
  • In collaboration with: Jef Reintjens BNA Architecten and DS Landscape Architects