New dwelling The inhabited Hedge De Linie Groningen

New dwelling The inhabited Hedge De Linie Groningen. A glasshouse is introduced as transition between street and house, a glazed covering of the bare ground.

A myriad of activities, such as shed, glasshouse, fruit-growing, guestroom, garage etcetera which are usually spread around the plot are possible within the glasshouse. The glasshouse makes manifest the relationship between the inhabitants and their house and the street. The microclimate within enables it to provide a warm external space, or an extension to the house itself; nature becomes a part of the daily lives of the inhabitants. Large doors bring the exterior into the dwelling and the dwellers into the public domain, and the glasshouse becomes an inhabited facade. Behind the glasshouse lies a timber-framed and clad volume. Here are the private, domestic parts of the house.

There are two staircases which in combination with the glasshouse enable a great deal of flexibility in positioning living, dining and sleeping areas.

  • Client: Hollestelle Vastgoed Ontwikkeling BV
  • Status: study and sketch design
  • Building costs: € 190.000,- / dwelling
  • Period: 2005
  • In collaboration with: J. Lonsdale