Masterplan Cattenbroekerplas Business Centre Woerden

Masterplan Cattenbroekerplas Business Centre Woerden. Cattenbroek lake lies close to Woerden and exists as the result of sand extraction. The local city council is planning to extend and transform the lake into a recreational area. As well as the activities which are planned on the lake and its shores the intention is to introduce additional commercial and outdoor activities. These activities will be accommodated in a flexible mixed use building.

The plinth has a robust masonry character, a reference to the fact that Woerden itself is a fortress city. It contains a number of flexible basic units which can be subdivided, combined and inhabited according to the wishes of the users.

On the upper floors is a combination of functions, including café, wellness centre, climbing wall and a number of affiliated external spaces. These functions and spaces are housed in volumes of varying form and size depending on their content. They rest upon a green roof above the plinth units. This level is also accessible from the adjoining dyke.

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  • Client: Woerden City Council
  • Status: masterplan
  • Building Costs: €8.000.000,-
  • Period: 200
  • In collaboration with: DN Urbland